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In Steven Covey’s best seller “First Things First”, he makes the point “the main thing is to remember the main thing, is keeping the main thing, the main thing”. I have for most of my career as a manager had a firm belief that a successful organization must have at their heart, a sense of purpose, always keeping in mind what they are and why they exist. So then, for us as a club, the question is “what is the main thing?”
It is so easy for those of us who serve the club at a Regional or an International level to lose sight of what we are about. It is easy to mistakenly see International as somehow central. The truth is that WBCCI is built on a foundation of the Unit. The most important, and the core of what we are, is this foundation.
We are the world’s most successful single brand RV club. No other club even comes close in terms of size and the level of services we offer our membership. One of the main reasons for this is our Unit focus. This is where it’s happening!

It’s the Unit that:

  • Provides a social base that is almost like an extended family. Within it, powerful relationships develop that give support to its members. It functions as a social and emotional anchor.
  • Plans the majority of our activities and develops fun events for our membership with a stream of rallies and social gatherings.
  • Provides direction for our club at all levels by sending representatives to the Regional and International Boards that maintain our Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Provides training and support to our club leadership at all levels.

We are always in a state of change; constant improvements in technology are with us and will always be so. They make possible new and compelling opportunities to improve our business structure. You have asked us to put in place a system to allow members an option to renew electronically at the International level. It is very important that we avoid a blind, mindless rush to new technology, without fair and accurate evaluation of all the consequences. Yes, continuously improve, but do so with wisdom and protect with vigor our core values.

We are reviewing the process we use for membership renewals, which is currently designed for renewals only at the Unit level. While I do not oppose renewals at the Unit level; I also support making renewal as easy and convenient for our membership as possible. Our goal is to have a workable process in place which provides for the option of renewal at the International level online by our next renewal cycle. Of course renewal through your Unit will remain as an option.

It’s been argued, and with merit, that this move shifts, in a small way, focus from the Unit to International. The shift is small, but major shifts of focus often come not all at once, but in a series of small incremental changes. It’s been said the small foxes spoil the vines.

We should never shift the focus of our club from the...

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