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I spend a lot of time thinking about our club. Why are we here? What value can we add to make it worth while for Airstream owners to dig deep in their pockets each year and fund our existence? There are things we do to justify their support. We offer a magazine and a few other benefits, but more importantly we are here to hold together a network of like-minded Airstream owners. We encourage and facilitate a variety of functions, which provide social opportunities, fun and exciting activities. We provide opportunities for enrichment of life by helping to meet the needs of Airstream owners for balance in their lives. Especially for those of us who are retired, but for those who work as well, we need an avenue to find that balance through contribution.

How great to find a little time for reflection and contemplation, time to be with ourselves and savor our very existence. To watch the sunrise over a mountain lake, while enjoying a cup of coffee in solitude from our Airstream, then later to enjoy a few chips and a glass of wine with friends while chatting about nothing special, just to be alive and enjoy the process. But is this enough? As great as participating in rallies and caravans can be; as much as we value the sense of community, we are still left with the nagging realization that life is supposed to be about more. The richly lived life is about balance.

Balance is a hugely important factor in happiness; a time to work, a time to rest, a time to selfishly grasp and suck all of the good out of life, and a time to selflessly give back. We all have different situations, and different demands are made on our lives. We have varied abilities and interests. But for all of us I know that a very well-balanced life will include some level of contribution. To be truly happy, there must be a balance of taking and giving back. WBCCI is an organization that exists to contribute to the lives of Airstream owners by providing them with RV and social opportunities. Throughout its 50 years of existence, it has done this with a constant stream of willing volunteers; members who selflessly give of their time, and their energies, to help improve the lives of others. Now in our busy world, there are fewer people who want to take on these responsibilities. Units can’t find willing volunteers to fill offices, the quality and numbers of our activities decline because no one will accept the responsibility of hosting. At all levels of our organization there is a problem finding willing and capable volunteers; volunteerism isn’t dead at WBCCI, however it most certainly is sick.

This is unfortunate for a couple of reasons. In part because we lose the ability to do the very thing we exist to do. That is improving the lives of club members by providing opportunities for them to enjoy their Airstream in the company of like-minded Airstream owners. Equally sad is the fact that members lose the opportunity to find balance in their...

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