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When I think of our club and what it represents to me, I can’t help but get emotional. Within WBCCI is a significant majority of my social life. In this club are people I care for deeply, those who have helped and assisted me, those without which I would’ve never been anything but a total failure as President.

In the book, Tuesdays with Morrie, Morrie Schwartz asked his former student:

  • Have you found someone to share your heart with?
  • Are you giving to a community something greater than yourself?
  • Are you at peace with yourself, what you are doing, in your contributions to others?
  • Are you trying to be the best you could be?

This club has been an anchor in a sea of life to me, a worthwhile organization, something that provides others, and me, with opportunities for enrichment of life. I find in my life all the factors Morrie refers to within this single organization

  Our Airstream offers each of us a great avenue to enjoy our country. From the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, throughout Mexico and Canada, we travel with comfort.  Airstreaming broadens our lives and our understanding of peoples and cultures different than our own. Our Airstream makes this possible and add to the sum in total of our existence on this earth. They are more than just an object, they are a passion, and they are a symbol of freedom and a contributor to our lives. They add depth, breadth and content; they with WBCCI enrich our lives. 
  How can I express what’s in my heart? How can I tell you what this club means to me? Words fail me, they are weak and do not communicate the power of my passion. I can say, WBCCI will enrich your life if you let it. 
  Become active, engage, give to the club and it will give back to you. Love it, and it will give to you a richer life. Work for it, and it will contribute to your existence; plant seeds of caring, and you will reap a harvest of contentment and satisfaction; a just reward for doing something good for others. I hope all of you know how lucky you are to be Airstreamers. Pass the word, it’s good to belong, and the more you give to the club and fellow Airstream owners, the more you will get.

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