WBCCI Blue Book:

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(The Blue Book, contains the club Consitution, Bylaws, and Appendix)

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WBCCI Code Table of Contents and Constitution Date **2014-08- Filesize 54.26 KB Download 1237

WBCCI Blue Book Bylaws Date **2014-08- Filesize 277.24 KB Download 1901

WBCCI Blue Book Appendix Date **2014-08- Filesize 1.48 MB Download 1737

IBT Motion Form Date **2012-06- Filesize 12.58 KB Download 597

Delegates Motion Form Date **2014-02- Filesize 9.16 KB Download 152

WBCCI Blue Book Appendix #6 (updated, Unit Model CBL) Date **2014-08- Filesize 61.52 KB Download 1127

Updated Appendix 8, pages 1-3 Date **2014-02- Filesize 560.69 KB Download 180

For just the changes to the Blue Book from Jan 10,2014 IBT Meeting

WBCCI Blue Book Changes ONLY 1.10.2014 Date **2014-02- Filesize 732.91 KB Download 219

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WBCCI Clip Art

WBCCI Clip Art and Merit Award Stars Date **2013-05- Filesize 2.1 MB Download 663

Merit Award 2013 clipart Date **2014-07- Filesize 77.09 KB Download 90

Merit Award Superior 2013 clipart Date **2014-07- Filesize 86.57 KB Download 90

Member Forms

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